About us


Create a beautiful secure residential in the heart of the Central Mountain Range in the Dominican Republic.


Create a community where people can enjoy the beauty of nature, spectacular views, peace, and create a lifetime of great memories in a safe environment for your family.


Enjoy and protect the environment of this Creation. All people are valuable and deserve respect and dignity. We focus on quality rather than quantity or economic gain, and honesty in all transactions.

One of the keys to success of the Jamaca de Dios Project is that security is designed to provide maximum protection to investors.


It also has electric gates for quick access to the project by the owners and / or residents. This mountain paradise has a security body of one of the most recognized and most prestigious companies in the country.


The company has formed a group of 10 guards, of which there are two permanent shifts in the first gate or main entrance and the other group to move the restaurant to the second phase of the project, in addition to patrol 24 hours.


The rest of the team is distributed at strategic points on the mountain overnight. The guards have an excellent communication system and they are properly armed, uniformed and accompanied by trained dogs to protect you and your property.


Seguridad Máxima, S.R.L. Company.

Business Brief History


Seguridad Máxima, S.A., incorporated since 2002 in the city of Santo Domingo and dedicated from its beginnings to security and private security in general, such as: Housing, Business, Personal Events and bodyguard service among other extra services on demand . It has an expert and ongoing training high staff, which offers guaranteed protection for your furniture or any other type of service as described above, also has insurance Liability Policy, which supports both staff and clients. For these benefits and more, Seguridad Máxima, S.A. is your best choice for private security for your home or business.


Today Seguridad Máxima, S.A. is an autonomous and pioneering company of Jarabacoa, proudly Dominican, which seeks to give the best protection to the city of Jarabacoa, since all the staff and management are from that city, so the new owner Ricardo Luis Tavarez Rodriguez was in need of a change of address or office in 2009 from Sto. Dgo. to the city of Eterna Primavera, Jarabacoa, Provincia La Vega, Rep. Dom.



  • Committed to the security of the country serving with Quality, Safety and Security.

  • Be able to efficiently and effectively provide the largest private service to the general public.



Expand the company nationwide, with branches in different provinces in order to provide them our service to the country.

Being one of the best among the best private security service companies in the country.

Contribute to the development of the country so that in this way there is no such crime by providing greater security to the population.








For these reasons and many more, Seguridad Máxima, S.A is your best choice with everything concerning private security in general for surveillance and protection of your properties.


“Your safety is our mission.”

Jamaca de Dios is a project with more than 700,000 square meters and 1,200 meters above sea level, is divided into 93 lots with stunning views and facilities that you can purchase yours. Located between the mountains of Palo Blanco and Pinar Quemado, Jarabacoa, Dom. Rep. Has basic services of electricity, potable water, internet service pre installed, along with excellent access, 24 hours security system, maintenance, sporting and recreacional areas (tennis and basketball courts, a gym, mountain biking, kayaking, paragliding and 4 × 4), stables and a recreational lake for water sports.


We have our exclusive restaurant Aroma de la Montaña, Continental Gourmet Kitchen with special dishes, the best attention and the same view that welcomes the entire project.

The best designs to build the cottage of your dreams …


  • Private road.

  • Abundant nature.

  • Construction areas on both sides of the road.